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New Country Dances From Maine, 1795
New Country Dances From Maine, 1795
by Kate Van Winkle Keller & George A. Fogg
Annapolis, Maryland: The Colonial Music Institute, 2008
52 pages    *NCD-bk: $8.00

New Country Dances From Maine, 1795

This is a collection made by Joseph Merrill of Topsham, Maine around 1795. He copied from a small booklet filled with country dances that had been published two years earlier by the Thompson publishing house in London and added six more of his favorites. The authors have reconstructed each dance with its original tune. Historical notes and information about authentic performance style as well as tips for adapting the dances for modern dancers are included.


Rules of the Richmond Assemblies, November 1790.

The Country Dances, The Road to Ruin, The Sheppards Holiday,The Trip to Bagshot, Bayham Abbey, The Royal Pair, Osburn Place Assembly, Little Ben, Bill Bobstay, Dickey Dwindle, The London House, The Woodman, The Enchanted Wood, Miss Mcdonalds Reel, Jockey of the Green, Tippy Bob, The Female Soldier, Leap Year, Mrs. Philips Fancy, Lowthers Hornpipe, The Sun Flower, The Waggoner, The Poor Recruit, The Prophets of Old Times, Miss Ellisís Fancy, Allemand Swist, Boston Delight, Doutfull Sheppard, Donfisco, Faithfull Shepherd, Fischers Hornpipe.

Formation, Figures, and Steps